Alexandra and Yaser’s First Look – at the Isabella Plantation

  Alexandra and Yaser met yesterday for their First Look. For them it was a chance to have a formal photoshoot in wedding attire to send to relatives far afield, who want them to have a traditional wedding. They will then have a funky sixties wedding next week! Alexandra loves very glamorous, vintage black and white photographs. Et voila!For me it was a first chance to trial the American trend for ‘First Looks,’ and I can say with absolute certainty that this is one trend that British couples would really benefit from adopting.Alexandra and Yaser had not seen each other before in their wedding clothes. We took Yaser to a secret location in the middle of a maze of flowers in the Isabella Plantation and had him wait while I went to fetch Alexandra. We then brought Alexandra to him and allowed them to meet for the first time all dressed up and ready for their wedding. It was very romantic (not withstanding a long pause while Alexandra’s taxi got lost!) very exciting and made for an absolutely gorgeous set of photographs that their families will love.The other brilliant thing about a First Look happening separately from the ceremony is quite simply that it takes the pressure off. On their wedding day Alexandra and Yaser are not expecting me to direct their photography in any way. I will do a few portraits of family, but that’s it. It frees them up to spend time with their guests, without having to miss out. And you get to really savour that magical moment where you see each other for the first time, without having to focus on what a vicar is saying at the same time. Even more importantly, you get to dress up twice!Chatting to friends about the ‘First Look’ idea, I found that a lot of people felt that this was overhyped. But in fact it is more cost effective, because it means that I am there for fewer hours on the day of the wedding. You have spent a lot of money on your outfit for your wedding, so it makes total sense to photograph it properly without having to take time out of your wedding day. There is something special and magical about the run up to a wedding, and capturing that romance forever is an investment in love, as well as a really fun thing to do.So is it overhyped to have a First Look? Certainly not for these two, who wanted to please their families by being photographed in more traditional clothes. And can you ever really overhype a wedding?! I really believe that it’s a fabulous thing to do.Enjoy this sneak peek – more photos to follow later!