Midsummer Nights Dream chic

Apparently woodland themed ethereal weddings are in fashion this year. But why not create your forest indoors? Florist Jamie Aston tells Conde Nast Brides that ‘real birch trees decorated with crystal droplets and placed throughout the venue creates a striking effect.’ A creative bride could create a forest within a room, perhaps somewhere in central London for an extraordinary effect. Guests could come upon a tree surrounded by cushions, a tape recorder hidden within its branches pulsing out the sounds of the forest or the whisper of fairies. There they could sit and gossip, sipping cocktails. Light the trees with coloured lights (film people are the experts to consult for this), add some fairy lights and have vast candelabras on the tables draped with roses to create a truly wonderful setting. Make the dress code boho chic or deck your bridesmaids in garland headresses. Create a clearing in the forest for dancing, and have some wild bacchanalian feasting.