Whirls and giggles at Kelly and John’s wedding at Burgh House, Hampstead (A Preview)

A rare Saturday off and I had planned to have a lazy one hanging out with my man. I woke up slowly and checked my emails. There was an email from the lovely Parisa Walklett, a fellow wedding photographer, asking whether I could help out with a wedding as she was having virus related fainting spells and was not sure whether she would hold out. I always pull out all the stops to help a fellow wedding photographer in need so in a few minutes I was in the car and off up to Burgh House in Hampstead.There I met the lovely Kelly and John, and spent a wonderful, giggle filled day photographing their wedding. They were such a fun couple and enormously welcoming to me. It’s the first time I’ve shot a wedding without getting to know the couple first, so thank you Kelly and John for making me feel a part of your brilliant day. Here are some creative portraits from the day.The ethereal bouquets are by the florist who did Kate Moss’ wedding, Scarlet and Violet http://www.scarletandviolet.com. Aren’t they gorgeous? The swirly whirly dress is by Dana Bolton at dressmakingdesign.co.uk The ceremony was at Burgh House with cocktails afterwards in their art gallery, then a splendid dinner at the Prince Albert pub in Camden Town.Oh and in case you’re wondering, Parisa didn’t faint, thank goodness. She said that knowing that she had someone fully experienced to support her if she did feel ill really helped her. It was just a virus and she’s all better now.